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Economics of Self Storage

Understanding the economics of using self storage is not all that obvious or more folks would be running for the hills. We have quite a few folks who have really figured out the cost saving of storing in Jamestown.

First let’s think this through for a minute. Are your requirements for storage for a short time or do you need long term storage?

Short term storage is for folks who are in transition or perhaps remolding and painting the family home and need storage for a month or two. Then keeping it local might make some sense.

Long term storage is when you require storage for three or more months and you have to rethink how you store and more importantly where you store.

If folks are form the San Francisco Bay Area then one point that is too big to overlook is the cost of storing in the Mother Lode. Talk about drive a little and save a fortune. The Cost savings on a price per square foot basis is huge.

A 10 foot by 20 foot unit comes out to be 200 square feet. In San Francisco that cost will be over $3.00 per square foot, in the Mother Lode it is .60 cents a square foot.

So that 200 square foot unit in San Francisco will cost you $600.00 plus a month and in the Mother lode it will cost you $120.00 a month you save $480.00 every month and that adds up quickly.

On our largest units 20 by 34 feet have a total square footage that comes to 680 square feet and at .50 cents a square foot the monthly cost comes to $340.00 a month compared to $2040.00 or more a month.  That is a savings of $ 1700.00 every month or $20,400.00 every year.


We have folks that have been with for years and just think of the savings here. We do not need Warren Buffet here to figure this one out. When Oak Valley Bank (link to bank here??) figured this out the comment was “wow one could cover a mortgage on a real nice house in Twain Harte” (Link to real estate agent here??)

True story: We have one customer turns out from the Los Angeles area that at one point rented 11 of our large units from us for years and saved enough to purchase his own building in Sonora  We miss him as a tenant but could not have a better member of the community.

So come on up take a look around and if you decide on renting a unit from us let us buy you dinner at the National Hotel in Jamestown, Ca.

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