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Big Lakes Near All County Self Storage

All County sits in the middle of two of the largest lakes in Calif  Lake New Melones and Lake Don Pedro. 30 minutes to either lake and you are in the water.
If one wants to explore a little more the lake list is larger than one can cover in a life time. Then we can start with sending folks to the rivers.

New Melones Lake has a 2,400,000 acre•ft capacity with a surface area of 12,500 acres (5,100 ha). When full, the shoreline is more than 100 miles (160 km).

Lake Don Pedro The reservoir’s shoreline is approximately 160 mi , has submerged some 26 mi of Tuolumne river bed, and has a surface area of about 13,000 acres. The 2,030,000 acre•ft
•    4,550,000 acre feet (5.61 km3) Lake Shasta
•    3,540,000 acre feet (4.37 km3) Lake Oroville
•    2,450,000 acre feet (3.02 km3) Trinity Lake
•    2,420,000 acre feet (2.99 km3) New Melones Lake

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